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November 01, 2012


Kathryn Robinson

As a teacher (and Allie's mom) I can tell you that the meds are not "forever". Most kids go off of them in late teens and can cope. The Spec Ed crap is crap but you just need to remember this phrase "Least Resistive Environment"--meaning the law requires them to go to any length to keep him mainstreamed. There are some losers in Spec Ed but there are also some incredible, insightful souls as well. Keep in contact with his teachers, let them know what YOU think--believe me we listen to the parents FIRST.

Stop feeling guilty about the meds--you would give him insulin if he was a diabetic right? ADD/ADHD is a disease, we just don't understand it as well as others. Remember to reassure him that he will learn to control his disease, it doesn't own him.

Find an activity he likes, I always recommend karate, and support his interest. He needs to feel in control. Remember the disease frustrates/depresses you NOT him.

Email me to vent.
Good Luck.
Allie tells me he is a great kid.

Kathryn Robinson

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