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July 12, 2011



A (not too hot) oatmeal bath with a Prednizone chaser, babe. Or at least Benadryl, if you can't get/don't want the steroids. I've seen the medicated Aveeno oatmeal packets work well.
Hot water opens your pores and helps your skin absorb more of the oil, hooray! So don't do that.
I kind of thought this would be the Summer of No Rash for you but it sounds like it was actually worse this time.
Do I need to come over with an old Girl Scout handbook and learn you how to find Jewel Weed? It usually grows where Poison Ivy/Oak is...


if it goes on forever get steroid shots. poison ivy is three shiny leaves, in this pattern: <-where the carat (carrot? karat? bracket thingy) are two leaves and the hyphen is the third. virginia creeper looks like pot if it grew on a vine. aveeno makes an oatmeal bath that does okay, but really, anti-histamines and calmine and other non-itch type lotions are good. Cold showers might help while you're in them, and keep the pores closed, but I have no proof of this as I only just started taking cool showers because otherwise I stay in the shower for 3 billion hours and the hot water runs out

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