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March 24, 2011



First, while I am sorry that the collapsing building dream upset you so much, he bought you a whistle! Aww. That is so sweet and thoughtful.

Second, Chad talks in his sleep. It's hilarious. Sometimes he says such weird stuff that I can't sleep for a long time because I'm imagining all sorts of dreams where those words might make sense and laughing my butt off.

Last, I've had plenty of panic dreams, but by far the very worst ones have involved my daughter. The others can be shaken off once I wake up, but the emotions of the ones where she is in danger stick with me well into daytime. Part of parenthood, I guess.


Drinking before bed will make it worse :/

Nik talks in his sleep too, and when I can't tell what he said and ask him to repeat himself, he does, louder, but somehow more mumbly.

In the past few years most of my recurring nightmares get recognized and become an adventure story, but I have had a few about getting raped lately that freak me out big time. (I've never been raped, so I dunno what sort of violation I am really anxious about that's causing these dreams)

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