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January 10, 2011





Completely agree!


I cross posted your link.


the way I see it, there were tons of factors, just like there are tons of factors that contribute to any event (like I was late today because of my deliciously comfy memory foam mattress topper, AND because of the alcoholic drink I foolishly had right before bed, AND the warm boy in my bed being snuggly (AND WARM! unlike the air in the bedroom) etc etc) Every person I know has A) commented on the one thing that caused this tragedy and B) commented on how the one thing someone else says caused it can't be the only factor because of X.

That being said, Sarah Palin is a douche for putting up a graphic of crosshairs for political "enemies" or even seeing people who are "across the aisle" as enemies and Giffords' political opponent is a douche for that target shooting thing he did during his campaign, and in general extremists are extremely douchey (I'm getting a lot of mileage out of douche and it's derivatives because it is early and thinking of synonyms is effortful. As is speaking proper English, apparently) and we should all behave like rational human beings even though that's a total pipe dream.

In conclusion, I like ice cream and not murder.

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