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July 22, 2009



That sounds like a staph infection. Get him to a doctor poste haste! Seriously.


I've known 3 people this year who have had the exact same symptoms--surprise bump, like a bug bite, turns into a huge, painful boil that bursts and drains like a monster. Staph, every one of them.

Dionna Gregory

My J has had these too. Dr tried to pass it off as bug bite, acted like it was going away, then right back. Dr AGAIN said it was bug bite. Don't get me wrong, I love his Ped, but I was about ready to smack the woman. What would be the odds, of a child getting ONE bug bite on his body in EXACTLY the same spot as the other lone bug bite? Well, when she actually looked at the bite, she decided to do a culture, and he had a staph infection. His was made worse, by the fact that he is apparently even more allergic to adhesive than I am. Hurray! A kid, boy child no less, that is allergic to bandaids. What luck!
Dr gave us antibiotic, and Cordran tape. MIRACLE TAPE! Comes in roll, cut what size you need, and stick it over wound. Isn't a sub for bandaids, cause it is similar to other "patches" and has a steroid on it. But it completely covers wound, and J isn't allergic to whatever makes it stick.
He had another suspicious spot just this week, I drained it, put on the cordran, and by the next day it was almost gone. Day after that, just a memory.

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