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July 29, 2009



This is like one of those true life Chuck Palahniuk tales. SOOOOO gruesome! Gonna throw up now, unless you post some Disney World pics. Please!!

average blogger

That's Average Blogger community service for ya -- fighting obesity and overpopulation, one blog post at a time!

Dionna Gregory

J was horrible about taking pills too. Always requested doc to give him liquids, cause pills made him gag. Finally got him to start taking small pills, ibuprofin or benadryl, when he was 11 or 12.

When he was 7 or 8, he was given an antibiotic. Mean Old Mom told doc that pills would be fine. You should have seen look on J's face when we opened bottle, and they were fairly large CAPSULES. UGH! Not the biggest in the world, but definitely not small. He managed to take one, after many attempts. Claimed we made him nervous watching him. So he would wander around the house with a pill in one hand, and a cup of water in the other trying to find the perfect spot in the house, where his Power of Braveness was the strongest. It was a struggle, but he finished prescription and recovered nicely.

ACT II...months later

Start finding red pills everywhere!
Under his bathroom sink-discovered while changing faucet.
Under stove (along with 30 bouncy balls-he collects, cats chase all over house, until evil monster under the stove adds them to his stash)-found while replacing stove.
Under refridgerator-found while on search for elusive red pills.

He actually did recover, and after counting pills that we found, we determined he only took 3 or 4 total. WTF! Guess he didn't really need them after all! What a waste of money, the dr and the pills.


Don't ask how, but I was just having a conversation yesterday about how chlorine in a pool does not kill eColi - and after reading this, I followed up with my friend @ CDC, who said saline water, yes to treat staph, chlorine, um, no. I hope a doctor wasn't the source of that!

average blogger

Oh, Dionna, I feel so much better! And yeah, I was wondering how much the pills really matter too. Now I know!!

PC!!! Where have you been!?!? A doctor was the source of the chlorine comment, but I think she just meant to clean out the big gaping hole in his side, not to actually kill the bacteria.


Best AB post ever. Where's the little thumbs-up button?

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