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March 24, 2009



C.S. Lewis wrote a much longer winded version of this in his essay, Men Without Chests. The essay is horrifying in its predicitions for the future, especially considering the accuracy with which he predicted what today was going to look like.

I used to get in trouble for taking naps and/or sighing loudly when it was Johnny Abbot's turn to read. Likewise, Johnny Abbot used to get in trouble for knocking me down on the playground. We both knew out strengths. (p.s., Johnny Abbot grew up to be a freaking rich construction guy.)


Taking several steps down from C.S. Lewis, I'll cite sports talk show host Colin Cowherd, who said Simon Cowell is the most important person in America today, because he's the only person who is allowed to tell people they suck.


I started typing a response but it got to long. I think I'd like to talk about this in my blog too. I'll be linking over.

I hope your servers are prepared for the HUGE influx of traffic... just kidding.

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