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February 24, 2009



It Must Be Love - The louder, the better!

Rosie - Ah, that song always makes me laugh. It reminds me of when I saw Jackson in DC several years ago, and his guitar player grinned and pointed at himself with both thumbs on the line, "I've got to hand it to meeee." It cracked everyone up.


Huey Lewis offered you a ride home?! DID YOU TAKE HIM UP ONE IT? I thought he was the bee's knees when I was 8

average blogger

Hee. No, Ardent, I didn't. I lived 25 miles away or so and I knew he figured I lived somewhere in town near campus or he wouldn't have offered. I would have asked if he could get me to a phone, but I knew what was wrong with the car, it was just hard to mess with the stupid thing at night with no flashlight. He did wait til I got the thing started, though. I think he thought it was funny.


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