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January 08, 2009



Oh, Lord, preach it. I am so very glad I came of age when the Internet was still used only by the wonkiest of government scientists. I can't imagine what kind of hell it is to be a teenager online. A simpler time, as older folks like to say.


So... yeah... I started my blog when I was 16. And now 6 or 7 years later (depending on how you look at it) even with every single thing "locked, private, anonymous, double-blind posted" I still feel like some of my stuff would be rather... self-incriminating.

Also - EW on that hotel thing! The website looks like it was made by 10-year-olds on crack.


I write crap now, but it's better crap than I'd have put out for all the world to see (filters when I was a teen? Banish the thought!) when I was, say, seventeen.
I'm intolerant. Sue me. I'm also right, so someone else will probably sue me before you can get around to it anyway.
Skip the reunion, dear. It won't do a thing for you.
(Should I not have done this? I've been into the beer a little bit.)

average blogger

Aw, you are always welcome to crash here, owl. I won't sue you. Was it 12 beers? :D

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