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January 14, 2009



One of my Wiccan friends decided it would be funny to post this earlier today.

"The Anti-Christ Will Be A Man In His 40s... Of Muslim Descent... Who Will Rise To A Pinnacle Of Government Power Out Of Nowhere For A Period Of 42 Months...

Hmm... That sounds just shy of Obama's first term..."

Obviously she doesn't believe in an anti-christ, or an end of days... or any of that stuff. But I thought it was a very interesting approach to a controversial topic. In fact, so interesting that I laughed out loud. :)


I think Obama is trying to hard. But whatever floats his boat, I say.

I mean, I think that *I* am more like Lincoln than he is... Lincoln was raised in a log cabin with dirt floors. Well, our floors were carpeted but the carpet was thread-bare and 30 years old.
He was home-schooled. I was home-schooled.
Also, I happen to be the 5th great-niece of Mary Todd Lincoln, so perhaps I'm as batshit crazy as she was!!!


it occurs to me that if McCain won he would have been "Son (er, Nephew?) of Reagan" ... Not that Reagan and Lincoln are in the same category but everyone does a little "draw on history" bit.

average blogger

Angela -- absolutely. And you know it's a safe bet I would have railed about that and found it every bit as ill-advised. I just think it's a dangerous thing when making one's first big splash to do it in the shadow of the gold standard of one's profession.

I'm not saying Obama thinks he's Lincoln, or that he is out offering up quotables about how the two dudes measure up. I'm saying that when you walk into a room and say, "Hi, I'm the new guy in charge, and by way of introduction, Darth Vader is my own personal role model," that you are just begging for everyone in the room to start singing the Imperial March at you and asking about your choice in costume. It's a natural reaction on the part of the listener to start comparing and contrasting. Seems to me it would be far better to make your own mark by walking in and saying, "Hi. I'm the new guy in charge, and you ain't never seen the likes of me, but we're gonna have a hell of a ride!"

Chuck Norris

haha u suk

Pop Cesspool

I think you'll see a precipitous drop-off of Lincoln-mongering after Tuesday.

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