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October 22, 2008


Sparkling Cipher

I'm wondering how much my opinion counts now that I've typed a well-thought response and managed to stupidly delete the whole thing, but....

The tv was my babysitter. I don't feel that it has dampened my love of books or dimmed my imagination at all. If anything, it gave me loads of fodder for my endless musings.

I think that as long as he has a solid foundation, good values and sense of self and positive real-life role models, responsible tv viewing won't rot a child's brain.

Of course, if I didn't stay up last night to watch the end of Star Wars, I may have been alert enough to realize I didn't post my comment before closing the window....


You are not the only one who thinks that something would not have flown with your mom. I remember being at work one day this summer and thinking (maybe out loud and definitely on more than one occasion) that I would have flown across the room if I had done what those "children" just did.

I don't think we got cable until I was ten.

Don't worry about the YP. Yeah right now he might appreciate the movie because he doesn't understand the book. But later, after he's read the book, he'll see how much better it was. Even though I make a conscious effort to read the book first now, sometimes I see the movie first. And after I've read the book, I think about it and almost always decide the book is better (But...Apocalypse Now definitely beats Heart of Darkness and the movie Fried Green Tomatoes beats the book)

Anyway...if you train the YP to love books (like my parents did) then growing up with TV and movies won't diminish his capability and tendency to love the book more.

Best wishes! Cheers!


I love to read (you don't get a degree in literature not liking to read!). But I also love tv. it really boils down to the fact that I enjoy compelling stories, whatever format they're in. as long as the YP enjoys reading, I wouldn't worry that he also enjoys tv/movies.

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