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September 25, 2008




I'm sorry - it's not funny that you got lost. I constantly get lost. But I mean, it's kind of funny. You're in a battlefield. I mean, HONESTLY!!! I'm sorry. I'm not being very nice.

And your buddy is right. Bus drivers get no respect. Kids kive them migraines on the bus, paretns yell and scream, teachers yell and scream, everyone yells and screams. It's a highly stressfull job - I can only imagine. I bet a cup of coffee and a doughnut one morning would go a REALLY long way. ;) At Christmastime every year, my mom would give my bus driver a tin full of home baked chocolate chip cookies, wrapped in a big red bow. And Valentines Day was chocolates. Easter was a stuffed bunny rabbit. etc etc etc. The bus driver ended up moving the bus stop to OUR DRIVEWAY. ((OF course, my mother had three small children riding the buss at the same time...so, she kind of had a need.))

But don't count yourself in the "bad mom" catergory. You can just say "normal mom". A bad mom wouldn't have called anyone to get the Young Prince. ;) SHtuff happens. Don't be so hard on yourself.


So I'm thinking maybe a GPS would be a good thing for you to have :)


I can understand the getting lost part completely! That battlefield is a horrible place for hiking. Every time I've hiked there I've gotten lost. And it's the fault of the battlefield people who don't mark the trails well, don't put everything on the map (like you said). I hike the Appalacian Trail, among other places, and I don't get lost very often. That battlefield is very easy to go astray. You did the right thing by veering toward what you thought was the main road. That's always the way to get out of the woods where you can see!


you live closer to me than I thought.

any more thoughts on promoting the YP to grade one?

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