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August 01, 2008



what a bizarre story! 3 cheers for the cat finally doing it's job though!



I'm right there with you!

Editor's Note

That happened to me a month or so ago! Except it really was a bird, and the cat was the one who tipped me off. I managed to shoo it out the front door. But yeah, quite a rude awakening.


I am so glad I wasn't in your shoes. I probably would have been told to go upstairs or something for making the situation worse with my freaking out. Congrats on being cooler than I would have been.


You know me so well! In the weird coincidence department, I just randomly watched that same episode the other day. Spooky! *wiggles fingers*

You might want to have the cat looked at my a vet, you dunno where that bat's been (before it got inside)

We had a sparrow in my grandmother's living room once, it acted just like a bat with the flying frantically and not alighting anywhere

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