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July 24, 2008



LOL at "Shoe-loose"!


Kevin Bacon is totally justification for owning Footloose. If you need further justification, tell him its to placate the crazy girl on the internets.


Jump back!

average blogger

Ardent -- well, if the kid decides that is his new favorite movie and he starts acting out scenes, I will do my level best to YouTube it for you.

Heather -- that is just one point of many in the movie where I will hit pause and say something like, "Now, wait. How come NOBODY at that table replied with, 'Do what where, now?"


I will never forget the episode of Will and Grace with Kevin Bacon. Jack tried all episode to meet Kevin and get him to to the Footloose dance. But, at the end, Will met him and they performed the dance together. Hilarious-ness!

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