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July 15, 2008


Pop Cesspool

The solution is definitely predators. Lots and lots of predators. There were several feral cats in our neighborhood over the past few summers. I suspect that a do-gooder neighbor had them captured. The same neighbor (I think) is the one who stuffed fliers in everybody's mailbox a few weeks ago ... to complain about the rat problem ... a problem that we didn't really have last summer when the cats were around. Maybe you can get Alley Cat Allies to loan you a few pusses for exurban use:



I like the idea of coating the fuel lines with rat poison.

or with capsaicin. although they might learn to like that the way my mom has learned to like wasabi.


I can't believe those little buggers did that! I hate calculative and manipulative creatures!


Maybe this will make you feel better: http://www.adamlofting.com/blog/index.php?id=28

Cats can solve any problem that involves killing small creatures.

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