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July 09, 2008



OK, a couple of things. 1) I believe that there comes a time when a song simply can't be done any better, and Etta James' version of "At Last" is one of those times. If you'd picked a different song, you might have gotten a different reaction. 2) My sister is brilliant, but she once got bad marks in a theology class when an instructor referred to Baptists as Protestants and she pointed out that Baptists were around before the Protestant Reformation and therefore weren't Protestants. The instructor finally had to admit that he was including all "non-Catholic Christian denominations" when he said that, but he wasn't pleased to have his error pointed out. Maybe YP just told a teacher that he or she was wrong. :-)


Man, you got lucky and so will the YP because my mom was not asking what went wrong. She was asking why I didn't study hard enough to get that 7th A in physics. (The answer? "Well mom, I just haven't learned geometry yet") I'm so proud of the YP and I'm glad y'all got home OK.

And hey! If you can't sing good, then sing loud and proud.


Man, your post brought back memories of report cards that were almost straight-"A"s, if it weren't for the fact that I got one "B" in math or science. My parents weren't harsh about that, but I could tell there was a little bit of "Why didn't you do better?" when they asked me about the "B."

They should've been asking "Why did you get an 'A' in French, but you can't speak the language?" Wait ... Why did I get "A"s in French?

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