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September 13, 2007



I so have to do this, if only to see if my memory is still worth a shit.

Huey Lewis, though?

Wait, I have some shitbombs on my list, too, so maybe I'd better not give you any crap!

average blogger

I know, it's sad. After I posted this I remembered several much cooler bands I've also seen live that would have made me look much better. But the fact of the matter is I had a terrible, virulent and ultimately embarrassing junior high crush on the man. And then later, when I was doing my senior year of high school at the U. of South Florida, he offered me a ride home one night when he gave a concert on campus that I *didn't* attend and just happened to be crossing the Sundome's lot heading for my car when he came tromping out after the show. And not in an "ew, stop hitting on me" way, but in a "he thought my car had broken down" way. Very nice man.


Take no crap......I like Huey Lewis and his News and saw him twice myself. I just didn't get him on the list because it stopped at 25.


Aww, that's super nice! And you didn't take the ride? I totally would have. I'd have asked him to sing "If This Is It" with me, because I can't help it. I love that song.

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