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November 15, 2006



I pick the first one.

What's that beeping sound in my left -- no, right! -- ear?


the first one brings civil war more to mind as it looks like a battle could happen there, rather than in the water. but I like the second pic better because I have a water thing

Darren McLikeshimself



I like the second one.....I can almost mentally superimpose troops splashing across, holding their weapons high so they don't get wet, and as morbid as it sounds, men floating in pools of red. It's such a peaceful, serene setting that it makes the thought of death and violence there even more jarring.

Editor's Note

I vote for the second one. This sounds stupid, but looking at the first picture I think, "But how did they manage to fight around all those rocks?"


They're both quite naturally beautiful, but I like the one with the water. Though it probably looked like the Nile in "The Ten Commandmants" during the battle. Eww..that image is not so pretty.

Moder Fairie

I vote for the first one. I have this odd fear off swamps and stuff... but I totally can picture troops blowing eachothers brains out right there on that hill... brain matter everywhere looking like snot. Blood pooling and starting to ooze down the slope. Guys falling backwards over rocks - or better yet, tripping, falling and cracking their head open due to their open stupidity.

I'm pretty horrible aren't I?

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