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June 23, 2006



Errrr......maybe he mistakenly assumes the Civil War was fought between the Red Sox and Bronx Bombers?

Weren't the other 2 pictures bridges too?

average blogger

No, he knows the Civil War was fought between the Yankees and the Confederates. He's just not clear on what they were fighting about. :)

And no, one was a bridge, one was a cannon. :)


First of all yay. Secondly, my vote is for the color bridge photo...

and last but not least - I should say most importantly actually... I like the grass, hill, fence picture thing... #3 in the set...

as a matter of fact... it's my new desktop beckground. :)

Stella Chang

I like picture #3. But I'm a sucker for the kiddo.


I'd try some tighter crops on the top few pictures, especially of the house thingy. (Hi. Not a history buff.)

And maybe the bridge would look cool in sepia? That's my favorite toning. But I like B&W better than color for it, I think.


Awesome. I still haven't been to these places and I don't even know how much older I am than Thomas. The kid's lucky.

And we so do NOT suck!


For the Dunker Church, I'd crop out the dark trunk on the left, and some of the shaded foreground. The church doesn't have to be in the middle of the photo.

average blogger

Fairie: Thank you!!

Malia and JW: I see your point. I've actually got some that are tighter on the church and maybe more dramatic in that regard, but I was just so ... Well, it's the Dunkers. They were kinda hot on the plain and boring. Maybe I'll toss up a few of the other shots I took and get your thoughts on those?

Darren: Bwah! Well, that depends on the style of Yankee you are. If you're in Union Blue, right on. But if you're accoutred in pinstripes and ballglove, we'll hafta agree to disagree! (Though I do wonder if Red Sox Nation has room for a tiny, somewhat misguided Confederate!)

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