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December 16, 2008



Sign me up for thinking my kindergarten self would have wanted to lay the smackdown.

A girl I friended on Facebook from elementary school wrote on my wall "Do you remember punching me in the stomach in 3rd Grade?" I swear she is remembering the wrong kid, but if I did punch her, I wonder what she did to deserve it?

Know who I wanted to punch? Sissy Deaton. She pulled my skirt down in the middle of the hallway while we were lined up next to the boys. That was in 3rd Grade, too.


Awwwww - my poor little man.

Next time - hit her in the face. That's where the mouth is. If you want the bossy to stop coming out of her mouth, that's where you have to hit.

I'm just kidding.

I'm Buddhist. So, I do not support physical violence. He should have used his words. Or simply walked away and ignored her. She is only bossy to him because she knows he will pay attention (and be upset). If he stops listening to her, she won't try to boss him around anymore because she will have lost her power.

I would have hit her in the face.

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